VERY IMPORTANT Public Hearings That Will Change the Character of Historic Whitney Avenue, East Rock, and the Lincoln-Bradley Neighborhood

Yale University has filed plans to demolish the historic buildings and landscape at 155-175 Whitney Avenue (across from the Peabody Museum) and build a gigantic new facility for the School of Organization and Management.

The gargantuan scale, inharmonious design, traffic and public safety impacts, poor planning for pedestrians and bikes, negative impact  the peace and quality of life of adjacent residential properties and neighborhoods are all of great concern.

Your participation can help re-shape the proposal to fit the neighborhood and make it a good addition to the city.

The City of New Haven’s judgement that this incongruous design “sets significant standards for any subsequent development in this neighborhood” means that this development could have profound impacts throughout the Whitney Avenue area.

Public comment on the plan and controversial zone change to a “Planned Development District PDD” will be heard by the Legislative Committee of the Board of Aldermen.

Schedule for Public Hearings:

Hearing One
Thursday, January 28, 2010
City Hall,165 Church Street,  Aldermanic Chambers
6-9 PM
1. Yale University presentation and City discussion of the use of a PDD
2. Public Questions and Comments

Hearing Two (Continuation)
City Hall,165 Church Street,  Aldermanic Chambers
6-9 PM
TO BE ANNOUNCED – possibility February 25 or March 9
(Contact the League or  your Alderman for updates)

1. Expert Testimony on behalf of community and residential constituencies
2. Public  Questions and Comments

It is very important that you come!

Need more information about the plan? Please contact us.